Dating An Introvert (Tips)

  • Feel welcomed.

First of all, you wouldn’t be dating one of us if we didn’t decide to let you after days of looking at it from every possible angle, determining the outcomes and praying (if we’re Christians). So welcome officially to the inner sanctum. Cheers.

  • Remember that through text, they’re different, and in person, they’re different.

You might get a cheesy person who’s full of fun and romantic lines in text messages, but don’t expect that in real life. At most, it’ll be quiet mostly, with a few laughs and lots of snuggles. Maybe after some months or so, then you’ll start praying for them to keep quiet when you’re around.

  • Find out the topics they’re interested in.

Be observing. Note stuff down, especially when you catch them in that rare talking mood. For instance, most introverts are artistic. Most, not all. So look for the signs, find out what they do in the times that they’re alone. Write books? Music? Poetry? They’re doing something. Find out what it is, and show interest. That’s the recipe for a double shot of love right there.

  • C U D D L E S

Most introverts are very touchy feely people. You just cannot visit your introverted lover and have space between the two of you. Impossible. Well, unless they’re mad. So expect cuddles, hugs and kisses and the climbing. (Yes, some of us climb.) We want a cuddle all the time, everyday. But quiet ones most times. It’s not about the lovey-dovey talk, it’s simply about presence. It’s about being. It’s about stares and feathery touches, and gazes and…ugh. Beautiful moments. We never forget. SO NO ABSENTMINDED CUDDLES. Those are just the worst.

  • Speak your feelings

Mad about something? Say it. Annoyed? Say it. Anything other than happiness, say it in words. Two moody people in a relationship does more harm than good. Leave the mood to us, it’s our thing. If you speak your feelings more, we’ll eventually learn from you. If you don’t say what you feel, we feel it. Vibes don’t lie. And when we don’t get a good vibe, and you hit us with the “nothing” after being asked what’s wrong a few times, it’s the end honey. We go into a mood because you’re in a mood and that mood lasts longer than normal moods. It’s terrible. Speak.

So there you have it! Cheers to a better relationship.

Woes Of An Introvert

Musings Of An Introvert

There are always things to say about introverts, and people don’t hesitate to say them— not even to spare feelings. Introverts are too quiet, they don’t talk much, they’re selfish, they don’t leave their comfort zone, some even go to the extent of saying that they are too “introverted.”

Okay! So we have a couple of things to say as well. If it’s okay for an extroverted person to point out how quiet someone is, it shouldn’t be wrong for an introverted person to point out how loud someone is. Fair play. Talking bout ‘you need to talk more.’ No, you need to shut up more, so I can hear my thoughts. See? See how rude that sounds? Don’t ask me, ‘why are you so quiet?’ And I won’t ask you, ‘why don’t you ever shut up?’ Problem solved.

We’re not ‘rude,’ when we don’t talk in conversations, it’s either because we don’t know how to clearly state what’s on our mind, the topic is not something that we’re interested in or we just suck at carrying conversations.

We are complicated people. We love our personal space, but we also feel lonely most times. So in order to be welcomed in said space, the love has to be there and real. And even if it is, we want you to go soon. Too much human contact is not our thing.

We want to be invited to places. Mind you, we probably won’t go, but it’s the thought that counts.

DON’T CALL, TEXT. Most of the time, when you call an introvert and can’t get them, it’s because they’re staring at the call coming in and wondering where it all went wrong. We don’t want to talk most of the time, so please try to limit the impromptu calls.

If you’re around us, and we zone out completely, sorry. There’s a lot of things going on in our heads: conversations with ourselves, ideas floating around, thoughts about things from days or weeks ago, etc.

We are all different people, so we need to learn to love each other, without ifs and buts. Introverts prefer things being done a certain way and the people who truly try to understand them are welcomed into their world, which is usually fascinating. Thanks for coming to our TedTalk.

Woes of an Introvert

Am I Normal?

The internet has placed people in categories, according to their habits or the way they behave around other people. For example, someone who loves parties and is always seen talking and socializing with other people can be referred to as an extrovert. And people just looveeee extroverts(I mean, who wouldn’t?) These people are always smiling or laughing about something their friends say and making new friends and acquaintances by the pound. Everybody knows their name, they are well-known in social clubs and other schools, even in different communities. They are accepted, so to speak.

Then there’s You.

Quiet, brooding, moody, always in a corner by yourself with a book or a computer. You don’t like to be around too many people, anddd even now, the people who managed to crawl over your threshold and stay for years, no matter how much you try to push them away, are people who either grew up with you or they can identify with you in some way. And they are just a few people, four at the very least.

Your family sees it as an issue that needs to be solved, either by prayer, deliverance or screaming at you for it, or even calling you selfish, people at school shun you for it because you’re not like them and you just don’t want to go to a party or hang out with a bunch of people you don’t know.

I know how you feel because I’m one of those people myself. But I understand you. And I know that you mean no harm to anyone. You’re who you are for a reason. Yes, you are normal. You are an introvert, and you are normal.

Woes of an Introvert